We are part of a large community and we trust our mission to provide support through financial investments and know-how so our stakeholders from the areas of our operations can benefit from a continuous, long-term and sustainable development. We work in close partnership with NGOs, local authorities and other actors to identify needs which can be covered by Rompetrol.
The legal and financial framework to provide support to communities is the sponsorship agreement.

We focus on the following key areas:


The health and safety of our members of the community is equally important to us just as much as the health and safety of our employees. We extend our care towards our stakeholders and invest in hospitals, support for medical personnel and NGOs providing specialized assistance to patients (both medical and palliative care at home or at the hospitals). We provide equipment, medical devices, uniforms, fuel, protective garments – all that is necessary to support the medical act.


We monitor the impact of our operations and invest in modern and environmental-friendly technologies. Our planet is our legacy for the future generations and we support forestation and innovative green energy solutions (such as but not limited to solar panels for schools, medical units etc.).


Our partnerships with Universities in Constanta and Prahova ensure our future generations of highly performing employees, but we also look at rural areas and provide tools for disadvantaged children to remain enrolled and continue school (for example we provided in 2020 the technical infrastructure to a number of schools in Constanta so children have access to online education in the tough pandemic context).


We have been supporting the landmark George Enescu International Festival and Contest for more than 10 years.
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We tackle the above areas also through the associated Sustainable Development Goals and you can read more about our commitment to incorporating these UN goals in our strategy, in the dedicated section.

Community support during the pandemic

We granted support in fuel and financial means exceeding 2 million USD to better manage the outcome of the pandemic and keep people safe.
Below we mention some of our initiatives.

Rompetrol & Romanian National Red Cross Society

Rompetrol bought, in partnership with the Romanian National Red Cross Society, a mobile intensive care unit with 12 beds, which was donated to ISU/SMURD, as part of the strategic reserve for civil protection. This fully equipped unit can be used anywhere in the country during the pandemic, but also later in situations of calamity or disaster, and aims to increase the capacity of hospitals to care for patients at high standards.


Funds were also allocated for the purchase of medical devices, protective equipment and disinfectants for the Hospital from Campina (center for management and treatment of patients with coronavirus), Constanta Hospital for Infectious Diseases as well as Ploiesti County Hospital.


Through the Foundation for SMURD, Rompetrol supported the activity of the national reference laboratory of Cantacuzino Institute with the necessary reagents to identify the genes of covid-19 virus affecting the population of Romania (genome analysis to identify the specificity and potential genetic mutations).

Fuel donations

Through the partnership with Dăruieşte Aripi Association, we donated 37,000 liters of fuel to the Constanta Ambulance Service, for providing emergency assistance, medical transport and emergency medical aid throughout Constanta county.

Fuel for Colentina Hospital Bucharest, Matei Bals Hospital Bucharest and Timisoara Military Hospital

Fuel for NGOs Hospice Casa Sperantei to support specialized palliative care at patients’ homes, as well as to Daruieste Aripi and Magic Association to help patients with at home treatment or free and safe transportation to hospital during the pandemic period.

Our commitment continues long into 2021 and we shall support key areas of the society affected by the pandemic.